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What to do when MULTIPLE unauthorized people living in unit?


This question is submitted by Dale S. out of IL. 

We are a small condo association, we are self managed, in recent times some owners have sold to private owners. One in turn hired a management company to attend to the 1 unit. Since then we have had many problems noted by owners and the board, such as when unit was rented the lease shows 2 residents, now residents have noticed more than 2 residing there may be as much as 7.

They seem to try to go unnoticed by working different shifts so that there is no more than 2-4 occupying the unit at 1 time. also as of late we have had problems with bugs and other things like public urination trash etc, the management co has other apts in thier co, we want to know what can be done to retain some kind of order, can we ask owner to sell to a person who will occupy unit or do we have to retain a attorney, any adive will be helpful


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