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Condo Deconversion: The Good, The Bad, and the Reality

There’s a lot of turmoil in the housing industry today, and it’s hitting community associations hard. New restrictions from Fannie and Freddie are dark clouds full of special assessments looming on the horizon, and the housing bubble is growing rapidly with no real signs of stopping, inviting investors and tempting homeowners to sell. Because of all of this, a lot of condominium associations are considering a tactic called “condo deconversion.” 


A condo deconversion is basically a bulk sale and process by which all units in a condominium building are sold in one transaction to a real estate investor, who will then turn the property into rental apartments. (Its counterpart is “conversion” which is when an apartment community is converted into a condominium or co-operative and sold off. Even though the terms are connected, there’s no requirement that a condo building was previously converted in order to be deconverted.) 


Deconversion might sound like an extreme option, but it’s quickly becoming a sought-after fix for communities struggling with expensive deferred maintenance issues.


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