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    How does association handle a huge roof replacement project?

    stephen polinsky on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 11:22 AM


    Our Association, through its Board, recently applied for a $1M line of credit to finance needed work on our STP, and the replacement of 18 of our buildings' roofs. Seven of our buildings were re-roofed as a result of hailstorms during 2010, and a subsequent insurance claim for the damage. The insurance claim paid the costs in their entirety. There was no cost to the association; no cost passed onto the unit owners. These 7 buildings are not included in the replacement plan. As work on the new roofs progresses, it is clear that the roofing company is doing a more complete job -- replacing all clapboarding on the sides of dormers, clapboarding up to window lines, chimney clapboarding, vast amounts of flashing, and wood trim. These roofs are taking days to complete; a roof replaced as part of the insurance claim took a single day. At bottom, the 18 buildings are getting a better, higher quality product than the 7 buildings re-roofed through the insurance settlement.

    Two questions: (1) Are the 28 residents of the 7 buildings entitled to roofs of equal quality, given that they will be included in the assessment that includes roof replacement? I'm specifically asking about all of the non-shingle work that I have listed. (2) If the 7 buildings are not part of the replacement plan in any capacity, can they be exempt from that portion of the $1M assessment that includes the cost of the roof replacement?

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