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    Can condo association board give me a break on owner occupancy?

    CondoAssociation.com on Fri, Oct 30, 2009 @ 07:57 AM


    How can a condo association enforce owner occupancy requirements in today's economic circumstances?

    Owners may need to go else where to seek employment so they can pay their mortgage and condo fees. I personally relocated with my job and I am unable to sell the condo because the value has depreciated to less than 50% of what I owe on the mortgage. My complex has a huge rate of foreclosures as well.

    Can the condo board force me to quit my job out of state and return to my condo to find a new job becaue they may not approve my Mother to occupy the condo for me? This is so silly, this owner occupany requirement is doing more harm than good.

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