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Dealing with bad condo association politics and behavior

CondoAssociation.com on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 @ 09:00 AM


We have a small 9 unit condo association building. Three of the owners do not live in the condo building, which leaves six people actually available to serve on the Condo Association Board of Directors, and we have a five member board of directors.

The problem is the remaining association members. One is violently disruptive at all board meetings. He also holds the proxy of one of the non-residents, so it is hard to work around him. Another is also disruptive and rude, frequently supporting, then opposing, necessary work on the building such as roof repair and painting. She seems to enjoy creating cliques and pressure groups among the few people who do live here. It has become actually impossible to run condo association board meetings.

With such a small number of people to take part in condo association management, we have to work with these people. Usually, whoever is the president of the board quits after one year because they cannot stand the stress brought on by these people. Our condo building needs major work, yet due to the lack of concern of the live-away owners, and the childish nature of those who do, we cannot get any work done.

Does anybody have any suggestions about dealing with situations like this?



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