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How to address poor maintenance and upkeep in our condo building?

CondoAssociation.com on Fri, Apr 30, 2010 @ 06:49 AM


hoa maintenanceI live in a condo that is only a few years old. I am quite frustrated because of poor maintenance and little response by the HOA board. The entrance for the units are indoors and the common areas are carpeted. The problem is that most of the owners have dogs and they are taken through the common areas to go outside. It has been noted that on occasion the dogs have had accidents. In addition, there are many issues with owners who leave behind dirt and spills on the carpet.

The HOA board has decided only to steam clean the carpeted area once a year. After talking to some professional carpet cleaners I am told this will eventually ruin the carpet. Our current maintenance company does a very poor job of cleaning and that leaves things in worse shape. I believe the reluctance to clean the carpet is to save money on maintenance but it seems that letting necessary maintenance issues go will cost us more in the long run. In addition, not having carpeted areas cleaned is a concern for people who have allergies and it can be an unhealthy environment.

I have brought my concerns before the HOA board but there is no response. I am considering petitioning home owners to get the opinions of others but I am not sure how to go about the process. Any suggestions or feedback?


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