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By CondoAssociation.com • December 2, 2018

How to force condos to address bed bug issues?

I found bedbugs in my unit and treated, but all the units surrounding mine are rentals and I do not have owner contact info. I looked up the tax records, but they show the owner living in the condos, not their actual address. I am trying to track them down with other sources. But at one time one of the owners lived out of state which makes it harder. The HOA needs to ensure all of the surrounding units are inspected and treated for bed bugs if necessary. Past experience with them does not give me confidence. There have been maintenance issues that were life threatening that they refused to address. I can't afford a lawyer. We tried ousting the people who mis manage, but it didn't work. One person managed to maintain control. We stopped having elections and even when they did, they were not legal. About 8-10 people have tried to get on the board proposing to do the right thing. Those that succeeded in getting on the board were forced off if they tried to do the right thing or just gave up. 

How do I ensure my neighbors properly address this issue? I did contact the tenants and I think one did have an inspector come already, but one other is extremely irresponsible and I honestly suspect he may have brought them in. Not long before I started getting bitten, I saw him moving in furniture (even though he already lived here a year). About 1/3rd of people don't react to bites. If that is the case, a person might not even realize there is a problem until it becomes severe. 

What am I supposed to do if the other owners are negligent and the HOA can'y be bothered to force them to inspect and treat if necessary?

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