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HOA refuses to submit insurance claim for owner's unit damage


I am a 2nd floor unit. My subflooring was damaged due to the load bearing beam was removed by the owner / unit below. The HOA reinstalled a support beam and my floor is now level except for a low /soft spot that a structural engineer has stated in his report that this low / soft spot may self correct but could take up to 90 days. I have doubts about the self correcting. This damage happened 8 months ago. We have been away for a while so did not know of the damage.  The HOA filed an insurance claim for the costs associated with reinstalling a support beam and some cosmetic repairs to my unit and insisted there may not be any coverage.

Here my issue: the HOA wants to wait 90 days to address the soft / low spot. I have submitted a quote to repair the low / spot now, but they have refused to submit to the HOA insurance. Even if the deductible of $5000 is not met.  I still want the claim filed since I believe the HOA insurance and below unit are responsible. My responsibility is stud to stud only. In addition the HOA will not provide me the insurance carrier or contact information. Am I wrong here? Any insight and advice is appreciated.

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