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Condo association email creates problems for members and management

Posted on Mon, Jul 12, 2010 @ 06:41 AM

condo association boardSometime in May 2010, I received a defamatory email that a condo association board member forwarded from the owner of our former management company in January 2009 (but copied to him and other Board members). The email was addressed to me and was presumptively confidential. Ironically, the email was also forwarded to the owner of our current management company. The email is highly insulting. In my opinion, the offending Board member sent the email during a period in which I was experiencing difficulty with the property management's level and quality of service. I believe the intent in forwarding the offensive email was to damage my reputation and to tar me as a 'troublemaker.'

I have requested an executive session at the next condo board meeting during which I might lay this issue before the Board (the offending sender and receiver would be present). The owner of the management company just apprised me in writing that my complaint does not merit an executive session under the Davis-Stirling Act (CA). The most I could do is 'vent' during the homeowners forum, with no guarantee that the Board could or would act on my grievance. While the law may be on management's side, I am incensed that both players in this 'defamation by publication' scheme are in a position to stonewall my grievance.

Is anyone aware of CC&Rs or by-laws that would prohibit a Board member from disseminating confidential information to a third party? The email was sent to me by an officer of a condo management company, copied to a Board member in his official and fiduciary capacity and forwarded to an officer of another condo management company, hardly casual correspondence that could be written off as merely 'blowing off steam!'




Sounds like the old management company didn't work out possibly for not being very good. You voiced your discontent about the management company and maybe about other issues in the community and possibly about a member or some members of the board not being very good as board members. 
From what I see you got your wish. The old management company is gone and replaced with a new management company. I would forget about the email and try to create positive vibes with the new management company.  
I'm not sure how much you know about being a board member but if you are not happy with people on the board then run for election.  

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 7:23 AM by Victor

To the person aboves response..I'm soo tired of this "Old" way of thingking, if you are not happy run for the Board! Not everyone can get elected to the Board and even then sometimes you have very little voice. BUT what I do know is that EVERY paying unit owner has the RIGHT to his say and the Board has the fuduciary responsibilitiy to protect unit owners interest and rights and manage management. That is the job of Board memebers, to do the business of the association in the best interest and in keeping with unit owners wishes, not their own...so running for the Board should have nothing to do with individual unhappinesses.HOA laws are screwed up as are many institutions, Ie:family court, special interstsand Congress etc, and gravely needs reforming. Until the laws are changed giveing Boards less power and unit OWNERS more of their power back, nothing will be done by abusive boards to protects unit owners interests and complaints without litigation.They have too much power and the laws need to be changed as Conneticut has done.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 8:39 AM by caren

First, I can only answer for Florida laws, as that is where I am knowledgeable. However most states have similar laws. 
Any email written to the Association in Florida becomes an official record of the Association and can be disclosed upon a member's request.  
It is always best to carefully word your emails and stick to the facts. The Association is a business and should be ran like one.  
There are very few instances in which information is not available to unit owners -- in Florida those laws just changed. 
Under Florida Law, any unit owner may have an item added to the agenda of a meeting if they request it be added to the agenda 60 days prior to a meeting.  
You may want to look for similar information in the state laws that affect your condo or hoa.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 9:06 AM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

I agree that you can run for the board and still be out voted which means it's a waste of time. I also agree it's the board members duty to serve the association.  
Yes you have the right to voice your opinion and the only reason I say you should forget about the email is because it is causing you stress and it's not worth fighting about. Pick and choose your fights carefully or the only thing you will be doing is fighting and obsessing about the inefficient lying board members. Not a good way to live.  
Trust me I have fought my board and won but once a new board is in place the cycle can repeat itself. Board members can exhibit the following traits. They are either in it for themselves, have no clue about the finances, do not know how to talk to people, are nasty in their response, egos that do not allow them to be wrong. I could go on about the negative attributes of board members but there are also very good people on the board and those are the people you should try to approach in a non-aggressive way. I'm not saying your being aggressive but anyone that questions an Association board can be perceived as a trouble maker. It comes with the territory especially if the board in place has other agendas other than serving the better good. 
What type of Condo do you live in? How many units? What state are you in? 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 9:19 AM by Victor

Hi Victor, 220 units, high ris NJ...and I agree with you about everything which supports the basis of all of this, THE LAWS NEED TO CHANGE! Boards hve too much control! OWNERS NEED TO BE ABLE TO HAVE CONTROL OF THEIR PROPERTYeven though I now that too is difficult, at least the corruption and arbitariness that ALL BOARDS become would not be a factor!..also then unit owners would have to be involved! Our Board is a bunch of bullies only out for themselves and hold themselves in a higher regard than the owners FIRST in all matters! And really in order for any owner to really be able to change that you have to hire a lawyer...this is wrong!!! But then there's not much in this world we have creaed that isn't wrong! ce le vie!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 9:42 AM by Cren

Look at the laws this way....they are written for the vast majority. Even in an association with 200 units, if unit owners were able to vote on every issue, how would business get reasonably transacted? It wouldn't. That's why the laws are written for the majority and not the minority. There are associations out there were the members don't want to be bothered with decisions...that's why they purchased a condo in the first place. 
If you wanted to have a say in every decision, you should have bought a single family residence, not a condo.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:07 AM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

The problem isn't always the law. The problem is there is no enforcement of the law. Getting a lawyer can be an expensive way to get a point across. 
Board members can be very pompous about they way they work. They think they just joined congress and are making congressional decisions when the decisions can be simple. In NJ the only thing that is private are single home owner situations like if someone is in arrears or someone has a lien on their property but some board members like to make position into a secret society. 
I'm also from NJ.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:13 AM by Victor

I'm curious to hear other comments....

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:24 AM by Ana Anderson

Ys, Joyce and that's the other erronous thing people say, "if you wanted a say in everything you should have bought a condo??? That and "that's why people buy condos"??? So you can live in a place where a small group of owners, now Board memebers can control everything to their wishes and often times not in the interest of whats best for the community at large and there's nothing you can do WITHOUT HIRING A LAWYER??? I don't think so, that is just old, status quo, don't rock the boat, our way or the highway thinking. The Board represents the owners, not themselves and the laws are aniquaited and need to change! Each unit owner needs to take responsibility forhis part in decisin making and Yes, people are capable still of arguing positions, informing, educating, persauding and sometimes not getting things passed which I am finding is more often than not the right thing. Just because Boardsmake decisions and get thing passed, like putting FIOS in a building that results in 44 fire violations that now requires and architec and has left the building with 155 holes and how about the cell tower that never would have been allowed to be put on the roof were rsidents to vote, that is now there and over th heads of some very unhappy residents and all this generates in terms of revenues is equal to about $19 per unit per month..all of that for the dubious exposure to electromgnetic fields....maybe the wisdom of the whole IS better than a few biased self serving, power hungry unit owners. I think so! I think this is old thinking developed by old paragdgms, we can get the job done that you can't, we know better than you etc!!! BS!! The process might be a bit longer but I have faith that people still have the ability to think and do the right thing....Boards, governments, institutions on the other hand...I think the rcord clearly shows, when you give your power away and someone like the leagl system, lawyers, the state, Boards are telling you it is for your own good..you are going to become the victim!! REVOLUTION is the way! Why on earth you think you're way is better and you know better is to me clearly corrupt!!!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:35 AM by Cren

From my understanding the Davis-Stirling Act (CA) Is a California Law that has nothing to do with NJ.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:39 AM by Victor

Yes, Vicctor, that is true! And worse than that actually. Tey use harrasment, intimidation, demonizing, back room votes, biased and arbitrary new rules to control whatever they dislike, they recieve special, double standard, 2 sets of rules treatment, like geting services done that others don't get, having cart blanch with whatever they want to do...sort of like cops speeding around catching us speeding, they don't have to fllow the speed limits....THE LAWS NEED TO CHANGE!!!THEY ARE MADE BY LAWYERS AND LOBBIST not unit owners! The corruption is rampant but like everything will take time to change. We have a high rise near us that over a 2 year very volital and expensie, $20K, over threw their Board! It was a big fight in the bldg. but people chipped in and fought it out and on...he abusive Board was ousted!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:44 AM by caren

Very good points that I agree with except the REVOLUTION part. I'm positive a much better word can be used :) 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 10:45 AM by Victor

Victor, I don't know to what you are refering...CA law?? 
And yes, for you, you may be right...but for me revolution is the exact right word! Sorry, it offends you so...O don't see i that way. I think it is very positive and necessary. Was not the American Revolution a good thing? I truely beleive that our entire way of governing is corrupt and needs to be over thrown! It is really just the opposite of what now exists...instead of money, specil interest and corprations controlling things for their benefit, we the Ameirican people would control and be active and responsible for the world we create which would be for he benefit of the individual taxpayer rather than coporations...right now special intersets and Boards control, that is wrong...srry but people must exercise their responsibilities and take back their power and country, condo boards are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I know we are programmed to be moderate, don't rock th boat or you will be ostercied, burned, locked up etc...but really revolution isn't so bad or radical, just what is needed...it's no worse than what is happening now..which is complete and utter destrucion of the world by governments and business...it sounds strong in one statement but that is not how we experience it, rather it is a much slower drip, drip, drip of erosive policies! But the result will happen in big quick, 1 shot moments, like Katrina, BP, Iraq, Wall Street, followed by more drip, drip, drip until one daywe will have tipping pont...BTW how are you enjoying the 100% temps this summer? Don't worry, nthings going to change and believe it or not, I'm a rgular working family gal who cooks and cleans and just happenes to beleieve that the old paradigm of one right way nd if I'm right, you are wrong doesn't work any more...we need something very radical and very new and for tht to happen th old has to go.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 11:04 AM by Caren

Caren are you the original poster of the this blog? The original poster mentioned Davis-Stirling Act (CA). 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 11:19 AM by victor

No Victor I am not the originator and I am not familiar with the Davis-Sterling law that appears to deal with special sessions in Ca...but I think it must be inheirent that Board members MUST keep unit owners correspondences private...no?

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 11:26 AM by caren

My point being is that a majority of the membership elected this Board. 
The Board's rights and responsibilities are outlined in the condo docs. If you did not agree and do not agree with what those responsibilities are, you should not have bought a condo ...or specifically that condo.  
I know from experience that it is easy for owners to sit at the sidelines and attack board decisions, because often you don't realize what went into those decisions.  
If you do not feel the Board is correct, then get MAJORITY of the owners to recall them or not elect them.  
Someone is obviously electing these people, and if you can't get them not elected...move on because you will be fighting a battle which will cause you much anger, upset and really isn't worth it.  

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 11:36 AM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

So what you are saying is this is the way it is and if you don't like it move on....I don't think so. The point is that the system is broke. The system where the majority votes for a small group that controls and abuses their power WITHOUT more checks and balances doesn't work! IT NEEDS TO CHANGE. That is the point. I understand how it currently works, the majority votes in a Board, but tis is not the end of the story.And why wouldn't unit owners understand how and why Boards make decisions and what goes into it? Is this some kind of special rocket science knowledge that only electd BoaRd members recieve telepathically afer elected? And he rst of th residents re just stupid, uninformd, out of the loop? This is rediculous to think that unit owners do not understand what goes into decisions!!!! If Boards were operating correctly, with total transparency, this would be much less of a problem, which is not, becuse the owners I know are very capable of figuring out things even wihout the help of their elected Board. And as for the fight, yes it is worth it, people must stand up for what is wrong and exercise their rights and power and ensure that the bi-laws are being followed. In fact healthy associations have a goodnumber of rsidents that kepp informed of he association business and Boards that are not "abusive" welcome this participation in action not just lip service. So sorry but upset is part of life and is worth it, you don't just get chased of the play ground by the bullies and allow the teachers to abuse their rights...you speak up and fight and file complaints etc!! But it appears that your position is typical, stop complaining, you elected them, let them do what they want, if you want change and you're rights protected you should run for the Board, caus ONLY Board memebers are entitled to be right, and stay in your place, don't rock the boat, go buy a house.blah blah blah OLD IGNORANT STATUS QUO...COUNT YOUR DAYS, THINGS ARE A CHANGING!iT IS DEFINITELY WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 11:58 AM by caren

yOU NOW THIS CONCEPT THAT RSIDENTS JUST DON'T GET IT IS rediculous!!! Owners are very smart and savy and are asking good questions and have great ideas. Owners should be included in a dialogue, healthy Boards prcatice inclusion not exclusion and proprietary practices.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 12:07 PM by cAREN

The battle you speak of is long and hard and you better have buy in from the other owners or hire a lawyer. 
I can recommend you buy this book. I have no affiliation with the book company. The book is a condo law book that helps you with condo law terms. I have it and have used it many times. It gets updated yearly. Cost has gone up since I bought it. $115.00. Its for NJ only. 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 1:18 PM by Victor

What I am saying is I have been there done that and can tell you from my experience. It is not worth it. 
I became a licensed CAM Manager because of the Association I lived in. All of my knowledge was gained because of the troubled association I bought into. What caused the problems? People in charge who only wanted to be on the board for their own purposes and had no interest in doing what was best for the Association.  
I spent over 27K in legal fees in one battle against them alone. I did end up getting that money back, and thought it would end there but it did not. I continued to get harassed in the community although the lawsuit I won forced the board to remove items which made the building look like trailer park. I then got the board members recalled, seated 5 individuals on the board who had the best interests of the Association in mind and start turning the place around, and collect $55K for reserves (which had never been put away for). After doing so I personally spent 8 - 10 hours a day working for free for the Association & handling paperwork, going to the city, handling permits, etc for all these code violations the previous board allowed through their lack of proper maintenance. We had complete transparency and yet we were accused of not doing so. No matter what I did, that still wasn't enough. Enough of the membership (the ones who wanted to use the building as a rental building and keep maintenance as low as possible, wanted to do whatever they wanted and put whoever they could into the units) was louder and convinced the people who didn't want trouble, that they were we not good for the community by making so many false accusations we simply didn't have the time to fight the battle.  
So, even if you work hard and do the right thing, and spend your time and aggravation in doing so, it can easily go right out the window in one year. 
With regard to my comments that it is easy for owners to not understand the decisions a board makes...I meant this not to say that you couldn't comprehend issues, but to mean, you don't know first hand what the board may have experienced or were told in order to reach the decisions they did. If you walk into a situation and think the Board is always making the wrong decisions, they will eventually take offense and stop listening to you and you will be deemed the "troublemaker". 
I have always encouraged boards to discuss issues at meetings; however having meetings that run on for several hours to go over and over the same issues and which only serve to cause rift in the community when not everyone will ever be happy is not how business gets done. What your board should do is allow any unit owner present to speak on any issue on the agenda and adopt reasonable rules. Perhaps their explanations would help you in realizing why they are deciding to do the things they are doing. We usually put out a regular newsletter as well to keep unit owners informed. 
After being involved in the different facets of condos, I really don't think more legislation is the answer to get rid of problematic boards, much the same that bad politicians will always be in power somewhere. Like it or not, a board is a form of politics and those who play the politics cleverly, get elected and have their agendas heard. 
No amount of fighting it is going to help. You need to learn how to play the game if you want to be able to make a difference.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 1:40 PM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

I live in Miami and this conversation is near and dear to my heart. Not only do I own several condos, but I am a Realtor and sell them, as well. I'd never actually lived in one until 8 months ago and now I HAVE TO MOVE because cigarette smoke from other units seeps into my unit no matter how much I have spent on sealing my unit. I can't use my balcony because the smoke is so thick; day and night! The board has done ZERO to fix the problem or enforce our Rules and Regs which specifically state that "#7 In order that all unit owners shall have the quiet enjoyment of their property, no unit owner shall make or permit any disturbance............................. 
nor do or permit anything by such persons that will interfere with the reasonable rights, comforts, and conveniences of the unit owners. .................."  
Watch this TV segment from Help Me Howard, local WSVN TV. 
Is secondhand smoke choking the life out of you? Me, too. Call me to join us in actions being taken throughout the county. Check this out:  
I'd loved to hear who else has had this problem and how others have dealt with it.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 1:42 PM by Ana Anderson

Hi Anna 
I agree with you about your condo issue but then again I think cigarettes should be banned altogether. Anything written on a package that states hazardous to your health should be avoided. To bad big business has a bigger voice! 
Cigarettes are an addiction. I've met way to many people who want to stop but the addiction keeps them smoking and ruins their health.  
I live in NJ so I can't help you with Fla. fight Keep up the good fight. 
Of course you will get smokers who will fight you tooth and nail. To bad they can't see past their addiction. 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 1:58 PM by victor

Yep Ana...had that problem too...and the unit causing the problem was guess what...one of the Board member's rentals. The Board member of course did not live in the building. I tried at first to ask the renter to stop. They denied smoking. In this case it was marijuana, cigarettes and cigars. I would wake up to a haze in my apartment in the middle of the night, the morning and come home to it. My husband as a commercial pilot is regularly tested and exposure to even second hand smoke could have caused him to test positive. 
I managed to bump into the board member coming out of the unit one day and asked him to say something to his renters. He told me to say something to him. I explained to him that as the owner of the apartment it was up to him to do so. When that didn't work I then had to get my lawyer to send a certified letter advising them they were in violation of several laws and in violation of the condo docs under the nuisance clause that if he did not take action, our only other recourse was to sue.  
That Board member then proceeded to come over on a Sunday, yell up to me while I was trying to enjoy my balcony, take pictures and just basically act like an ass. He tried telling me he had no way to control what his renters did in the unit, and I again pointed out that he did and he had a responsibility to do so under the condo docs. Then i was accused by him of keeping an illegal jetski at the doc because he claimed keeping a jet propulsion vessel was illegal under the condo docs. LOL. I swear he never read the condo docs. I laughed at him and told him I think he needed to go back and read the condo docs again. Many neighbors saw this exchange but because of how they intimidate people would not think to ever vote against them. During election time they go door to door collecting votes. I wonder how comfortable each person is who answers their door? Of course election monitor was appointed, but since I am a certified election monitor, I know first hand how useless the DBPR is in actually ensuring a proper election is enforced. All they ensure is that the votes handed to them are counted....not anything else.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 2:05 PM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

Items we referenced in our letter included the fact their conduct interfered with our use and enjoyment of our property and endangered our health. 
The fact that the owner had not abated the nuisance and that because of that they were in violation of the condo docs, florida and/or Miami-Dade health and safety codes, Federal Fair Housing Act and the Florida Indoor Clean Air Act. Try googling that. 
We also referenced sections of a normal lease which should include a "nuisance clause" which would prohibit activities that unreasonably interfere with other resident's enjoyment of the premises. 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 2:13 PM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

This is so similar to my problem! I have two smokers (actually 3) and the worst one swears he quit smoking "for me"!!! lol. Have you given up or is your problem solved?

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 2:18 PM by Ana Anderson

Wow. Good info. Thanks for sharing. Are you in Florida? Where?

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 2:22 PM by Ana Anderson

Thanks for the sympathy Victor. Although I agree with you it is a nasty habit that is bad for your health and a strong addiction, I really don't want anyone to think that I'm on a crusade against smokers. I realize it is so addictive that quitting may be even impossible for some. I am a firm believer in individual rights and I have zero desire to force my views on the smokers, even for their own good. They have every right to smoke. That said, I don't have the option to slap a patch on my arm to cure my addiction to breathing and they do have ways o keep their smoke from getting to me. It may be an inconvenience to them, but there are ways. When their smoke prevents me from breathing, we are going to have to negotiate. Since negotiating hasn't worked (they just want the right to smoke, they want the right to no be inconvenienced), then I will use every resource to make it happen. I'll say it again, I've tried the nice way for 8 months at my expense and am even forced to move. I am not going to lose a valuable real estate investment because someone else's lifestyle choice is spilling into my unit. This is America where even non-smokers have rights, too!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 2:57 PM by Ana Anderson

My problems ended with the "psychics" living next door splitting in the middle of the night. 
The Board member since rented to a young couple with yapping dogs. So, I exchanged smoke for yapping dogs. I am very tolerant of dogs since I have 2 of my own. However, mine may bark occasionally at someone knocking at the door. In his scenario the minute the owners leave the apt, they bark for hours on end. I have a digital recorder that records for over 8 hours and it ran it to the end one day. 
So, one saga stopped, another one started, and I realized that it wasn't ever going to get better no matter how hard I fought and I was spending more money than in reality it was worth to keep the properties in a failing building. I was no longer willing to pay. 
I therefore moved on.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 3:22 PM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

My problems ended with the "psychics" living next door splitting in the middle of the night. 
The Board member since rented to a young couple with yapping dogs. So, I exchanged smoke for yapping dogs. I am very tolerant of dogs since I have 2 of my own. However, mine may bark occasionally at someone knocking at the door. In his scenario the minute the owners leave the apt, they bark for hours on end. I have a digital recorder that records for over 8 hours and it ran it to the end one day. 
So, one saga stopped, another one started, and I realized that it wasn't ever going to get better no matter how hard I fought and I was spending more money than in reality it was worth to keep the properties in a failing building. I was no longer willing to pay. 
I therefore moved on.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 3:23 PM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

I do not believe any of the members in the associations should be handling any of the money and bill issues. Pay a management company and then you will see where all of your money is going. I have very many doubts about our soon to be retired sec and tresurer in our association. Figures never match up to the bills and always being told there is no money in our account. Pointing fingers to these people are not a option, for they probably already know how to cover the books. You can have a President and V. President but let the finances up to people you can trust and also sue if the figures are not right. I hate our board and I cannot wait until management takes over on the 1st of August. 
You be the judge and then all the lieing will stop!!!!!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 3:38 PM by s.

Well, I'm glad you don't have the problem anymore. I'm moving, but I'm not moving on. Nothing I hate more than injustice. I know of one other person who emailed me with the same problem. She doesn't have the resources I have and is stuck in a living hell. I'm not going to give up until she gets help, too. No one can understand how back not breathing can be until they have to live it! I hope anyone out there who has had a similar problem will share their dilemna or their solutions here. Thanks!

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 3:42 PM by Ana Anderson

Hey S 
A management company isn't always the answer. Get multiple references from the management company and follow up on them. Make sure there licensed. 
Just hope your board doesn't fall asleep at the wheel and let the management company make decisions that can seriously affect the owners bottom line.  
A management company is not the be all to end all. Remember the management company is not invested n the condo community. It just works there making money. 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 4:15 PM by Victor

The manager's is to implement the policies the Board members adopt -- not fight and argue with the board. My company will not perform services for any association that does not follow the law, but there are managers out there that will in order to keep the money rolling in, and will even help board members skirt the law. 
Ultimately, if the board tells the manager to pay a bill, they must. And, in reality if a manager was trying to relieve their company of responsibility, they just show that the Board member told them to pay something for XYZ reason.  
We don't even have our managers as signatories on bank accounts -- only board members. So we only write the checks and the board members sign them. We receive the bills and enter them into the accounting program. Each time we print checks, the invoice is directly behind the check. Once the check is signed, the voucher gets separate from the check and attached to the invoice and filed. The check is mailed.

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 4:39 PM by Joyce Nord @ bestcondomanager.com

Joyce the old property manager was in our account as a signer! All this happened before I bought my condo. The story is way to long for me to through here but I dug and found a lot of issues with the management company, lawyer and board members. I can say I was the main guy in helping turn this condo community around. I did need others to help but if it weren't for me the condo associaation would be almost bankrupt! 

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 5:17 PM by Victor

Hereis what I am doing. No one likes bad PR. So, I am writing letters. Everything in the letters will be factual. Sure,I can always get sued. When one of my board members told me that I was harrassing her. My response was sue me. That sort of shut here up because I have enough documentation to present if dragged into court that the board members violated the CC&Rs and in some cases the law and did not use reasonable business judgement (in fact they don't know the CC&Rs so that in itself shows bad business judgement) On top of all of that, if the place receives enough bad PR when I reveal my facts then the price of the units may go down including my own unit. So, the board has a choice. Clean up its act or have our condominium known throughout the world for bad managmangement. I can't lie but I can give out the facts.

posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 12:16 PM by Elizabeth Rich

Give the Board the ultimatum may backfire on you. If they do enough PR work they will cast you as the "troublemaker" of the community, slander and harass you personally.

posted @ Friday, July 16, 2010 7:54 AM by Joyce nord @ bestcondomanager.com

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