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    Condo Association Board Roles

    stephen polinsky on Thu, Jan 29, 2009 @ 08:49 PM


    We have a small condo association building of 20 units, of which 2 are commerical units.  There are 5 condo board members in our condo association and 4 roles.  One condp board members who's business is in one of the commerical units adds more from his experience - as we were all first time condo board members  Here's how we broke up responsibilities:

    Condo Board Positions Responsibilities
    Finance and Legal Review monthly financials with property management co
    Work on annual condo budget
    Work any special assessments
    Assist with any accts payable/receivables from condo fees and assessments as needed
    Building Security and Well Being Suggest/evaluate current and new condo building security measures
    Educate residences and condo owners on policies and issues
    Point of contact for security issues
    Condo board member respresentive for residential issues
    Condo Building Upkeep and Improvements Identify new opportunities to improve the condo association building
    Work with condo association management co to prioritze capital expenditures
    Liaise with suppliers, contactors when needed
    Assisting condo unit owners and residences to maintain/improve building asthetics
    Building Relations Schedule trustee/assoc meetings as needed
    Record, post and archive condo board meeting notes and docs
    Assist/Review any major communication condo documents
    General Point of contact for condo association
    Community Relations

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