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Is there a better policy to towing HOA member vehicles?

Nick Fasulo on Fri, Dec 10, 2010 @ 08:51 AM


I own four condo's in a gated community with a HOA. Every owner has a garage or carport and a parking pass is not required to park there. Each homeowner receives one parking pass that can be used for an additional car parked in non assigned open spaces. If a due paying homeowner slips and forgets to put the pass in the car it is towed without any courtesy notice or warning. I am fairly sure they are allowed to do this since it is a common area but is there not a more friendlier way to handle this situation? The tow company seems to have free reign and tows anything and everything.

I know of two cars they have damaged in the last two months. Can somebody please tell me of a friendlier policy that I may present to the board?

Maybe a courtesy notice or a phone call and towing to repeat offenders???


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