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How to bring peace back to our condo association?


What can be done in order to bring peace back to our condo association? In March 2010 I started a petition to get a long over due meeting with our association, of which I followed proper procedure. We got our meeting and at that time 3 of the board members stepped down as it was noted 3 other people were severely behind in their condo dues. $17,000.00 to be exact. So now we either need a new board and or go with property management service, as some refused to pay their dues to the association any longer. We voted management service and moved on. I volunteered to hold a position on the board at that time (April's meeting) Then we had a June meeting stating the management has now taken over and we will pay our money to them. Management asked the former board members to stay on through the transmission and only one said they would (the president). It is now November (tomorrow) and still no new board in place. The past president is still making decisions that is starting to make me and others wonder what is going on. The place needs repairs (minor), new fire extinguishers. and lighting of th exits are out, new locks, (as they have been going bad for 3 yrs now), falling ceilings in to entrances ways, and panels to the hallways are down, parking lot has unregistered vehicles parked from another state just sitting there, not to mention the parking lot itself is getting ruff. I have failed to not get return phone calls fom the management service, and the past president (still acting as such) keeps giving some of us who are interested in this place the run around every time we question him about why it takes so long to get this turned around into place. We know we need a lawyer and yet nobody has the money for one to get one. Is there something or someone else that can help us? How much longer must we put up with the lies and distrust when we thought management was a good idea to go with? I am in Pa. and have read my by-laws and rules, and the declaration, I find that things are not being followed properly and yet I also feel that only a few here want to do something about it. With 3 behind, 3 on the fence, and 5 owners renting out who just care about collecting their own money. You do the math! Help Please!

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