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Proactive Communication Tips for Your Condo Association

Over the last couple years, we have scheduled and participated in some really useless condo association meetings.  I think the biggest culprit for the bad meetings was the lack of communications between the condo association board and members that should have been flowing in between our meeting dates.

Scheduling condo association meetings is not a substitute or band aid for poor communications.

Most condo association by-laws require an annual meeting.  Other than that, I think there are plenty of communication tools for condo association directors and association members to get the point across, with out the pomp and circumstance of a meeting. 

Does your condo board:

  • Have a condo association email distribution at least once per month - even to say no news is good news?
  • Maintain a website that gets updated regularly?
  • Manage a message board where association members and residents can voice concerns and ask questions when they see fit?
  • Have your property manager publish monthly updates or financials that get sent out to all condo association members?
  • Use web technology to poll condo association members to understand what's important to them.

There will always be the need for meetings...and that's when they should occur. 

I think most association board members are forced into more meetings because they don't practice good communications with association members regularly.  The above are some proactive communication tips that a condo association board can leverage to keep communications flowing all year long.


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