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    Condo Associations: The Budget and How Condo Fees are Calculated

    Monthly condo fees are calculated by creating a budget for the condo association. The amount each unit has to contribute to the budget is determined by multiplying the amount of the budget by the percent interest that the unit has in the association (usually found on the unit deed), then divide the result by 12 to get condo fee due each month.

    The condo association budget is made up of all the costs associated with running the condo association and the property. This could include master insurance, water & sewer charges, common electric, landscaping, snow removal, cleaning of the common areas, payment to a property management company, etc. What is included is really determined by the type of building, numbers of units, and by the trustees of the condo association. Smaller condo association buildings such as 2-4 family conversions may not budget any funds for landscaping, cleaning or management, preferring to save money and take care of those items themselves. In larger complexes there may also be costs associated with fire systems, elevators, swimming pool maintenance, etc. There is also a portion of the condo association budget that is given towards the reserves of the association. The condo reserves cover any high cost, long term maintenance items such as painting, roof replacement, re-pointing a brick exterior, etc., and also to cover any unexpected repairs/costs.

    When you place an offer on a condo there are some things that you should request from the listing agent or condo trustee. These are copies of the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, Rules & Regulations, Budget, and the minutes from the most recent condo association meeting.

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