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Can potential owner view HOA records?

As a potential future condo unit owner, can I ask to see HOA records of activity regarding any past disputes or actions, what their reserve fund balance is, etc., prior to purchasing one of the units?


Should buyers have to pay for credit report?

My wife and I applied for a condo, and the association is asking us to get our credit report ourselves and bring it to them from "a recognized credit agency".


Tricky monthly fee disclosures and OH condo transactions

Condo sellers: I recently learned if an owner is paying an association a monthly maintenance fee AND a separate monthly assessment, when you go to sell, you can merely add them both and disclose that TOTAL as a monthly fee on bottom of page 3 of the Ohio disclosure statement.


Can real estate agents pay condo fees to encourage buyers?

Is it legal for a real estate agent to pay delinquent condo fees in order to get the percentage down and sell a condominium without the prospective buyer knowing about it?


Is NJ association stealing Mom's roof assessment interest?

My mom lived in a community with condo fees, but for new roofs they did not take the money out of the condo fee account.


Termites Found, Deal is Off, Who Pays?

I live in a condo recently I tried to sell it but termites were found. The buyers don't want the unit now.


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