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Sickened by mold caused by flooding

The crawl space in my townhome has flooded several times. The last time was in May of 2015.


How can an owner be sure HOA insurance is appropriate?

Our by-laws require the board to get quotes for the HOA Iinsurance coverage, but I believe that is not being done according to the by-laws.


Must police show warrant to property manager in Colorado?

We recently had the police come by to arrest a renter so the property manager let him in the unit.

There was no warrant, however the man was taken by the police. Do they always need to show the warrant?


Colorado condo's cable offer seems too good to be true

Our 11 story condo in Colorado has received an offer from a cable company to buy the rights for the exclusive use of the TV cable running up the building for our residents to get their cable service.

If another vendor came in (right now is isn't one) then they would have run their own cable.


Reserve fund max and board member question from Denver, Colorado

I have 2 questions:

1) Is there a maximum dollar amount a condo association can have on their books for their reserve fund?

2) What is the legal requirement for number of board members? We currently have 3 members and one volunteer, shouldn't the volunteer have been given an actual position on the board?


Do Colorado HOAs require 10% reserves?

Do you still require 10% in reserves for an HOA. Wells Fargo is telling me you don't. Please confirm as they are my competition. Thank you.  Colorado

Should Colorado HOA hire lawyer over mold problem?

We recently had a leaking pipe situation in our rental condominium which was not addressed on a timely basis by the Homeowners Association maintenance personnel. The leaking pipe was a common waste water pipe and created a mold mitigation problem with our unit requiring mitigation, removal of ceiling, floor and back wall of the bathroom in unit.


Can condo association board paint units a new color without a vote?

My condo association Board of Directors has chosen new paint colors without input from all members of the condo association.

Does the Board have the authority to make major decisions that will affect the appearance of the community and potentially home values without a vote?


Need an HOA Loan?

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