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Returning reserve fund money to sellers

I live in an 18 unit townhouse complex. Recently, our board has been having a discussion on reserve funding.


Are competitive bids required by law in IN?

Are HOAs in Indiana required to seek competitive bids for larger projects on common areas?


Need suggestions for bullying directors in IN

Three of the eight board members from my condominium association were named in a state lawsuit for allegedly breaching their fiduciary duty and committing fraud.

I have owned my condo here for 13 years. The transition committee was made up of people who were protecting the declarant instead of the community.

As a result, people like me who stood up asking for accountability, transparency, employee job descriptions & qualified employees have been vandalized, harassed & bullied.


Owners call special meeting at uncomfortable, outdoor meeting place

Owners have petitioned the board to call a special meeting of the association and besides stating the purpose of the meeting have selected a time, date and place. The place is outdoors at dusk when mosquitos are active. Attendees would need to bring their own chairs to a location difficult for less ambulatory owners to get to. We are quite willing to schedule a meeting for the stated purpose but must we comply with the time and place submitted?  Indiana.

How do new CC&R's effect older condo owners?

Our HOA officers recently announced their intention to rewrite our CC&R's. Are any changes made to the CC&R's binding on condo owners who bought their units prior to any updates? I would think the CC&R's is a legal contract that can not be changed without the acceptance of owners who purchased their condo before the document was changed.  Indiana.

Need an HOA Loan?

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