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Board changing bylaws

Can a HOA board change the bylaws at their discretion?


Owners not following bylaws

What can be done when owners of the association that will not follow the rules in the by-laws?

Sprinklers turned off to save $5 on monthly dues

I live in an 88 unit HOA where the current (less than a year) board has decided to decommission our buried sprinkler systems in order to avoid a $5 increase.


Can non-home owner be on condo board?

Do you have to be a home owner to be on the board of a condo association?


Who pays to replace garage door?

Who is responsible for replacing the overhead garage door? The HOA board, or the unit owner?


Who should pay for repair to crack in foundation?


Condo renter in Iowa irate over fee for new pass

Why do I have to pay for another pass when the wind blew the first one out the window?


How does each state regulate property managers differently?

I'm interested in finding how each state regulates the HOA /condo association property managers?


How do we force condo association board to follow state law?

We are a 24 unit condo in Iowa with a 5 member board. In 2010 the State of Iowa passed a law regarding condo board meetings stating that meetings be open to all members, with a 7 day notice , minutes to be available to all members, and that any action taken during a meeting not meeting these requirements would be invalid or enforceable. Our board is well aware of this state law, and in fact one member of the board has on occasion refused to attend a meeting that was held secretly without notice. The other 4 members of the board continue to hold meetings with no or improper notice to the members. What procedure is available to force this board to follow state laws?


Iowa condo association secretary needs help understanding condo law

I live in Iowa but am unaware of some of the HOA laws that apply for our 76 unit Condo Association. Much correspondence between the Directors and Residents is done through a director's site which was set up when ownership was transferred. Being the Secretary 2+ years, is it my understanding that any and all of the information sent/received by all Residents the property of the Association? And is it required by Iowa law to have copies of all said correspondence need to be contained within the Legal Binder of the Association?

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