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By CondoAssociation.com • January 23, 2016

Sprinklers turned off to save $5 on monthly dues

condo-sprinklers.jpegI live in an 88 unit HOA where the current (less than a year) board has decided to decommission our buried sprinkler systems in order to avoid a $5 increase.

Our dues are currently low, at $110 per month, and we have a significant savings in our reserve as well. They claim they canvassed the entire development for a vote that was split, so of the 5 board members 3 voted to shut them down indefinitely.

I feel like this is taking away from the value of our properties, and personally one of the reasons I moved here was because of the nice green grass. I also feel like if they are willing to decommission them to save $5, what's next, remove the bushes and flowers to save on trimming?

Any advice or suggestions would be great. I was a former treasurer on the board, so while no expert, I understand a little. Thanks!

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