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Can Michigan condo developer change the date of the annual meeting?

Can the Developer make an amendment to the bylaws that changes the date of the annual meeting prior to the first annual meeting?  Michigan.


Fear and Loathing in Lansing, Michigan

I have been "Blacklisted" by my condo association. If the management company does anything for me, then a NEW person will work for the condo association I'm in!


Is there a government agency for condos, asks owner in Grosse Pointe, MI

Is there a government entity that governs condos? My condo board charges ongoing special assessments, 3 in two years so far. The first was for 4k and did not complete all they said (including replacing rotting wood).


HOA head gets $20 from state of Michigan every month. For what?

The head of our HOA gets $20.00 a month from the state. We do not know what it is for. What should we do?

How does your condo association measure and manage reserves?

We are a Michigan condo association of 136 units in 2, 3, and 4 unit buildings. The development was started in 2007 and is presently about 90% sold (completed). The only state requirement is that reserves must equal 10% of your annual budget on a non-cumulative basis. Our initial reserve study has been completed and we are aware of hurtles we need to overcome to meet future replacement obligations. It’s a lot more than 10% on a non-cumulative basis. We would like some examples of how other condo associations effectively manage their reserve fund. Have you found safe investments other than money markets or CDs? Do you use 6 month, 1 year, or longer CDs? How much in each CD? What percent of the total reserve do you have invested? Has anyone developed an overall strategy or technique (system?) that works well for your association?

The city listed our condo association as a business

What is considered a "Business"? I'm not sure if things have changed from 10+ years ago, but the city attorney listed the condo complex I live in as a "business". Does that mean the condo association is making a "PROFIT"? I thought condo associations are "Nonprofit".  Michigan.


Our condo association does nothing but takes owners' money!

Is this possible and is this common? I'm in a condo in Michigan. I get the feeling in the condo association I'm with that I should always pay the monthly condo fee and the association will do as little as possible. You, if you want to have your lawn fertilized, have to buy the fertilizer. If the item you buy is what we approve of, then you give us the receipt and you can take it off your monthly fee.  We, with the association (and management company) won't do anything, but take your money! Is my suspension allowable? Is this common with other condo associations?

What do we do with a neighbor who is a packrat?

I live in a condo. The owner above me invited me up to her unit. It has big piles of "stuff" that are deteriorating, she can't sleep in her bed because the bedroom is piled high with "stuff" she can't get to her clothes washer because the room is completely filled and overflowing with "stuff". There is an infestation of bugs in her garage that she isn't dealing with for many weeks. My association's management company wants we to write a letter about my concerns. Is it up to me to convince the management company that there is a problem?  Michigan

Need Recommendations on Rent Collection Agencies

Does anyone have any recommendations of collection agencies for condos in Michigan, or agencies that are licensed to collect in Michigan?


Michigan Condo Board Member: Status Letter Should Be Free!

I am a condo board member and just found out from an angry co-owner that he had to pay $125 to the property management company to get a status letter to sell his unit. I agree with the seller that this a rip off, considering what little work is entailed in putting together this letter.

Can we as a board require the management company to produce this info at no cost to owners in good standing? Isn't this info ours to begin with?

-Kurt in Michigan



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