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Can board make the annual meeting private?

Do you think it's right that a condo board allows only the condo board members to attend ONLY the annual condo meeting?


Can condo president decide on repairs?

Is it common that the top condo member, secretly does damage and harasses residents?


Upper limit on condo fee increase?

How much, or what percent, can an association fee be raised per calendar year in the state of Michigan?


Is it gouging to charge $150 for a refi letter?

My association wants $150 to fill out a letter for a refinance on my condo. I paid only $25 when I first bought.


Is it legal for MI association to apply new payments to old late fee?

Hello all, I'm in a court battle with my condo association in Michigan over a late fee for a payment they claim was not received.


Should MI HOA be charging arbitrary fee for renters?

Update to a posting I submitting in Nov. 2014. Sorry about the long post, but I appreciate any discussions on or comments from those that have had similar issues. Thanks.

ORIGINAL POSTING Title: Michigan HOA imposing annual fees for rental of condo units. Link:


Original Question: My HOA recently administered a $100 fee per year to the owners of any condo units being rented. There was a change to the Master Deed seven years ago stating that the board could do this, though it has not been initiated until now.


What can MI condo association do about slumlords?

Here's the issue. People are purchasing multiple condos and becoming "slumlords".


Can MI HOA raise fees for a security service?

My condo association annual meeting was in Sept. of 2015. We just got a notice of our HOA fee going up $20 starting Jan 1st 2016.


Is it legal to charge renters triple for storage space?

I'm a renter in a 70 something unit condo building.

All residents (owners and renters) rent spaces from the condo association.


Condo association refuses to enforce their own bylaws

I am wondering what to do with an association that refuses to enforce bylaws, have meetings or take complaints. The last time I tried to get them to act, the treasurer told me they do not want to enforce the bylaws and want to give the same respect to our condo neighbors has we do others not in the association. But if they neglect their responsibility, I am afraid the bylaws, or anything else will be null and void. How do I proceed? There are only 8 units and it s "affordable housing". Please help!  Traverse City, MI.



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