Need Recommendations on Rent Collection Agencies

Does anyone have any recommendations of collection agencies for condos in Michigan, or agencies that are licensed to collect in Michigan?


Michigan Condo Board Member: Status Letter Should Be Free!

I am a condo board member and just found out from an angry co-owner that he had to pay $125 to the property management company to get a status letter to sell his unit. I agree with the seller that this a rip off, considering what little work is entailed in putting together this letter.

Can we as a board require the management company to produce this info at no cost to owners in good standing? Isn't this info ours to begin with?

-Kurt in Michigan


Yard Gone to Weeds, Condo Owner Fears It Is Due to Harassment

Without my knowledge, the president of my association has excluded my lawn from fertilization for the past year. I live on a corner lot which is unusually large and beautiful.


Michigan condo owner ponders benefits of Master Insurance Policy


Michigan Condo Association lax when it comes to proof of insurance policies


Should HOA budgets require approval from all condo owners?

I live in a Michigan Condo Association.  Is the Board of Directors obligated to present an annual budget to the HOA members at the annual meeting, and does it have to be approved by the members?

I can’t ever recall one being presented to us, and our Bylaws are extremely vague on this matter.  The response from our President has always been that the day-to-day decisions for HOA operations are up the Board.

Thanks ahead of time for your help!


City lists Michigan Condo Association as a 'business'

I live in a Michigan Condo Association.  The city attorney has recently listed the Condo Association as a ‘business’.

Does this mean that the Condo Association is making a profit? I was under the impression that Condo Associations are non-profit. Have things changed in the past 10+ years?


Condo Association member has question about leasing and Bylaws

I have a question regarding leasing in Michigan Condo Associations. Three rental leases were recently terminated by the lessee before the mandatory twelve month lease was fulfilled.

Can the condo association present a new lease for a tenant? The reason I ask is that our Bylaws specifically require a twelve month lease. Thank you.


Condo association board slow on urgently needed roof repairs

I noticed a hole in the roof of my condo association building. I notified the management company in writing and they passed it on to the Board of Directors. Approximately one week went by, during which time I had not heard back and no repair was made. It had also rained and snowed during this time. I ran into a Board member and asked about it, and was told one of the members had looked and did not see anything. The hole is so large it can be seen from the road, and essentially nothing is being done about it. The overhang of my condo now has warped boards, cracks, and mold spores directly under the area of the hole – the spires are black and fuzzy.

I had spoken with a particular Board member who doesn’t seem to have much influence on what gets done.& If this issue continues to be ignored, do I have the right to schedule repairs and cleanup on my own and withhold condo association fees to pay for it? Should I contact the property management company again? I’m stymied, and meanwhile the damage is spreading.


Lease terminations causing problems in Michigan condo association

Three condo unit rental leases were terminated by the lessee before their mandatory 12-month lease was fulfilled. Can they present a new lease for a tenant? Our condo association by-laws specifically require a 12-month lease.

Thank you.



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