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Trying to plan a driveway in HOA community

I am trying to extend my driveway to have another parking spot but we were denied. There are 5 homes with extended driveway, yet mine was turned down. I tried to call the board for a meeting but the only response I got was "I don't think so"! I had a hard time getting approved for things I did around my house what others were just approved or never ask for approval. Our driveways are short, barely able to park 2 cars side by side only 16 Ft wide and 25 Ft long. I have kids and we need another parking space. Ever since we moved in here we feel like we are living in Hell sorry for the language. It’s nothing but a living nightmare for my family. All I'm trying to do is improve my home and property that I pay for and I pay the association fee for the whole year and still being turned down for no reason. Ever since we moved in we suffer nothing but stress, emotional distress" including depression, my wife is having panic attacks when she sees the board members, and sleep loss. We are being discriminated and treated poorly and different than other homeowners. When we purchased our foreclosure home in 2005 we were never informed about HOA, if I would have known about this I would never purchase our home. It’s ridiculous what we have to go through to get approved for anything or have our home looking nice. If I could I would move but I can’t! The board members need to follow the bylaw just as we do and not abuse their powers. I have requested the approval again on the 5/26/16 but again was turned down. The architectural control guy did not even want to take the form from me, he told me that “you were turned down last year already; it’s not going to be approved now.” Michigan

Are there weight limits for pets in condos?

If there is a weight limit restrictions for dogs residing within the association is it enforceable in court?  Michigan

Is finished basement included in dues per square foot?

I pay dues based on the number of square feet of my condo.


Can potential owner view HOA records?

As a potential future condo unit owner, can I ask to see HOA records of activity regarding any past disputes or actions, what their reserve fund balance is, etc., prior to purchasing one of the units?


Ranting about Michigan condo act

The Michigan condo act of 1978 is outdated and abused by builders and their hand-picked Board.


Licensing requirements for property manager

Is it required that someone that is representing themselves as a property manager for a condo association of 200 units (a commercial enterprise) and is not a co-owner and does not live on site must be a licensed real estate agent (minimum), and working for a broker or have other licenses?


Can board make the annual meeting private?

Do you think it's right that a condo board allows only the condo board members to attend ONLY the annual condo meeting?


Can condo president decide on repairs?

Is it common that the top condo member, secretly does damage and harasses residents?


Upper limit on condo fee increase?

How much, or what percent, can an association fee be raised per calendar year in the state of Michigan?


Is it gouging to charge $150 for a refi letter?

My association wants $150 to fill out a letter for a refinance on my condo. I paid only $25 when I first bought.


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