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Michigan board trying to cancel annual meeting

As stated in our by-laws, 1/3 of the co-owners have signed a petition and delivered it to the 5 member board of directors to request a special meeting for the purpose of having our normal annual meeting, which 3 board members have decided not to have.


Can Michigan board members vote if there is conflict of interest?

In Michigan is it against the law for members of the Board of Directors of a Condominium Association to vote for an issue in which they are personally benefited, e.g. voting to extend their terms in office when the By-Laws specify the length of terms to be 2 years.

Michigan owner afraid to ask what board wants him to do with shrubs

A member of our board association approached me yesterday and mentioned that other residents have complained about two of the small trees/shrubs (I have no idea what these things are) in my front yard. They were here before I moved in, and not planted by me.


Can Michigan condo deny purchase to buyer with 2 dogs?

Condo Association in Warren Michigan says the master deed will only allow 1 small dog or cat.


Michigan condo association lawyer gives full power to president

Our condo board selected a young attorney to update our Articles of Incorporation, Master Deed and By-Laws. The first paragraph in the Master Deed gives the current President and names him full power to act on behalf of the Association. This does not sound right to me. Has anyone else seen a Master Deed worded this way?  Michigan.

Can Michigan condo developer change the date of the annual meeting?

Can the Developer make an amendment to the bylaws that changes the date of the annual meeting prior to the first annual meeting?  Michigan.


Fear and Loathing in Lansing, Michigan

I have been "Blacklisted" by my condo association. If the management company does anything for me, then a NEW person will work for the condo association I'm in!


Is there a government agency for condos, asks owner in Grosse Pointe, MI

Is there a government entity that governs condos? My condo board charges ongoing special assessments, 3 in two years so far. The first was for 4k and did not complete all they said (including replacing rotting wood).


HOA head gets $20 from state of Michigan every month. For what?

The head of our HOA gets $20.00 a month from the state. We do not know what it is for. What should we do?

How does your condo association measure and manage reserves?

We are a Michigan condo association of 136 units in 2, 3, and 4 unit buildings. The development was started in 2007 and is presently about 90% sold (completed). The only state requirement is that reserves must equal 10% of your annual budget on a non-cumulative basis. Our initial reserve study has been completed and we are aware of hurtles we need to overcome to meet future replacement obligations. It’s a lot more than 10% on a non-cumulative basis. We would like some examples of how other condo associations effectively manage their reserve fund. Have you found safe investments other than money markets or CDs? Do you use 6 month, 1 year, or longer CDs? How much in each CD? What percent of the total reserve do you have invested? Has anyone developed an overall strategy or technique (system?) that works well for your association?


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