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Ranting about Michigan condo act


michigan-condo-law.jpgThe Michigan condo act of 1978 is outdated and abused by builders and their hand-picked Board.

Many can't leave, and many can't afford an attorney, as the board has an attorney paid for them by the insurance company,

Board members here are tyrannical. They do as they please. There are no minutes, no information, nothing is allowed unless a paper is submitted which is costly being handled by the management company and it goes back and forth. They decide yes or no to a flower planted or damage fixed, mostly if they like you or not.

They threaten to place a lien for a fine, and follow through on something as small as drying a sweater on your deck. They call a fine as an assessment.

Representatives don't bother with updating condo laws, and older people are confused when handed a thumb drive of the documents.

Michigan has the worst condo laws (1978), yet they are building more as the builders find them cheap to build and sell.

Every person needs to get a new board once the builder turns over. The builders' hand-picked board is the worst EVER. They have no accounting and no communication.

We need a place to settle disputes without the huge fees of lawyers. The next housing crisis will hit the condo market far more than single housing, as more condos are being built than single homes. Michigan is in the crosshairs.

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