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New Jersey property manager spending owners' money like water


money-like-waterCan a condo association sue the property manager because she used the condo attorney as her personal secretary at the expense of the condo owners?

Our property manager spent about $50,000 having the condo attorney write letters that she could have written herself and this is against our bylaws. The property manager harassed condo owners and she wanted to scare them with the attorney written letters.

Can a few individual condo owners sue the property manager for wasting the money on attorney fees writing letters for her which is against our bylaws? Can we do something to make her pay the money back?

Is this possible, or do we have to sue the condo board of directors for not making her pay the money back and for not stopping her from going against the bylaws? I was under the impression that the property manager makes sure the bylaws are followed and doesn't take it upon herself to go against the bylaws causing large assessments to all the condo owners.

Am I correct, or do we, as condo owners, lose out because of the weak laws that do not protect the condo owners against unethical board members and property managers who are not corrected by the management company they work for?

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