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Should Las Vegas condo owner with rheumatoid arthritis get special parking?

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and cant get around well.  Should my condo association give me handicap parking?  Las Vegas, NV


Condo board files late violation against new owner for previous owner's flooring installation

I  bought a condo on the second floor in January 2015. I did not move in until March, when I found out that I have a violation for construction of hardwood being installed with a fee of over $1,000.


Nevada Condo Association considering short-term rentals

My Condo Association in Mesquite, Nevada has a new rental ordinance that allows for short-term rentals.  The ordinance states, ‘governing documents must specifically state that short-term rentals are allowed.’

Our Board of Directors wants to do this by resolution of the Board rather than an amendment to the CC&R, where rentals are currently mentioned but time frame is not specified.

Can the Board do this, or should all condo association members have the opportunity to vote on the Amendment?


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