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Condo board files late violation against new owner for previous owner's flooring installation


I  bought a condo on the second floor in January 2015. I did not move in until March, when I found out that I have a violation for construction of hardwood being installed with a fee of over $1,000.

violationAfter a few months of battling and researching, come to find out that the violation transfers to the existing owner. This violation was never disclosed during my closing by the previous owner. I found out that the HOA and the board of directors never filed against the previous owner.

The president of the board saw construction occurring at this unit, but never filed a violation complaint. They have now filed a violation - after the previous owner has left  - and now I am stuck with the violation. There is a good chance I will also have to change out the flooring, which really sucks because it was one of the reasons I bought the unit in the first place.

Not only that, but it would cost an arm and a leg to get it replaced. As a full time student, I do not have the income for that.

Anybody have a solution for this crazy mess? Thanks!

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