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What's is the typical owner/rental ratio?

How is the owner to renter ratio reported for the purposes of establishing FHA certification to qualify for a mortgage in New Jersey.

Do they take the HOAs word on the accounting? Use public records? I know a number of units in my HOA are renter occupied, but public records (property tax) indicate the owner lives there.

I'm not going to bother asking my HOA. It's not that important to me right now, but will be in the future. It is doubtful they will respond and if they do, might even lie.

What are the New Jersey HOA financial reporting requirements?

What are the financial reporting requirements for condo HOA in the state of New Jersey?

What to look for in a property management company?

I have seen comments in my search here but still unclear on what I should be looking for in a Property Management company.

We are in a new building of 24 units that will soon turn over from the developers management to our own association.
If we choose to hire a professional management company, what should we expect to pay in New Jersey.


Can spouse of unit owner serve on HOA board?

We are an HOA, our by-laws state that only a person living in the unit, who has their name on the Deed can serve on the board. Can a resolution be attached to our by-laws to change this rule to read " A spouse who does not have their name on the Deed, but who has been living in the unit for at least one year can serve on the Board in a voluntary manner"?  New Jersey

Difference between condo and HOA?

What is the difference between a Condo and an HOA? I have seen the comment that they are different. I live in a condo that is part of an HOA.

How can residents allow outsiders to participate as volunteers?

Our board decided that guests or outsiders from another community cannot participate or volunteer at events from another adult comunity.


Confusion caused by roofing line item in reserves budget

Our board of trustees chose not to segregate the Rroofing reserve fund as a separate line item in the budgets approved by the trustees.


Unfair and hidden billing by board

I live in a condo in NJ. After the last board election, the only info supplied to the homeowners was the names of the elected members.


Snow plows damaged owners car

During the snow storm, while the maintenance crews were plowing, they damaged my car and caused a large scratch and dent on the driver's door.

Can a HOA be sued for bullying?

If the abuse and harassment from an HOA causes someone to have a stroke, heart attack, or mental break down, can the HOA be liable?

My HOA is nothing but bullies. They have created an extremely hostile environment. They violate many bylaws, state laws, and federal laws - even simple things for which there is nothing in it for them - they do it because they can.

We tried voting them out. It didn't work. They made sure one of their gang took over, and got themselves back in office a few years later. They make sure they are not voted out if anyone tries to challenge them. The paid property manager and lawyer are just as unethical.

Assuming it can be medically documented that the abuse caused the medical problems and an ambulance chaser will take the case on contingency-could the HOA be liable?

These are old, cheap, non luxury condos. The only alternatives are worse (high crime areas, needing expensive renovations at the home owners expense, etc). Renting is even more expensive.

The illegal activity and bizarre actions can be well documented. In the latest incident, they initiated legal action over nothing. A unit owner had renovations done. As part of the renovations, hard wired smoke detectors were to be installed and connected to the unit's circuit box. Instead, the contractor tapped into the HOA system-insisting that is what code required.


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