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Palm trees obstructing skyline and water views in Florida Condo Association


Florida Board seeks purchase of condo unit to expand common property

Our Florida Condo Association would like to expand our common property.  A condo unit as been put up for sale next to the clubhouse, and is perfect for additional storage and an office for the Board.

Can the Board of Directors make this decision to purchase, or must this come before all condo unit owners at the Annual Meeting?


What is the statute of limitations on condo unit debt in Florida?

I am a member of a Florida Condo Association, and have a legal question. A previous owner of one of the condo units, who is long-gone, owes the bank $75,000. The bank is refusing to sell, as they don’t want to be sued if the previous owner pays the debt.

What is the statute of limitations on paying off condo unit debts to the bank?


How much should property management cost your condo association?

Our Condo Association Board of Directors has repeatedly decided that the condo association is better off with an onsite property manager and a combination bookkeeper/secretary. The office is open 40 hours/week during a regular week. This year, onsite property management is going to cost in excess of $100,000. We have 100 condo units, consisting of duplexes and triplexes on roughly 32 acres of land. All are ground floor units.

I have talked to several local condo associations about their costs, and they find it hard to believe we would waste this much money on a property management system. If possible, I would like to hear what other condo associations are budgeting for their management systems. How much should it cost for effective management of a condo association?


Land jurisdiction between Master and Condo Associations up for debate

I have a question about a 12 unit Nebraska condo association. At the annual meeting, a board member claimed jurisdiction and made a complaint about placement of some personal property outside the condominium. These were various garden tools and pots, stashed out of sight behind hedges. I also have a small antenna placed discretely in the back behind some bushes.

It turns out that the developer placed our building on a plot too small for the building, and in fact the place where I put these items lies outside the property line of the condo association. They sit on the property of a theoretical Master Association (another dysfunction caused by the developer and persons unknown decades ago…had written about this quagmire in the past).

It turns out that for years people believed our condo association owned the land around our condo unit, installing sprinklers and taking care of the maintenance. However, the deeds and property maps clearly show that the land along 3 sides of the building belong to the Master Association.

Here are my questions. Does the condo association Board of Directors have jurisdiction over these alleged encroachments? I will add that other condo unit owners have antennas on these no-man lands and the condo board members actually have taken control over small parcels of the actual condo property for gardening. I will also add that I’ve removed the items immediately after receiving a complaint, except for the antenna. It’s out-of-sight, and on the master condo association property, which does allow antennas.


HOA prevents condo owners from posting security signs in yard

Can my HOA prevent me from having an ADT security sign in my front yard? I need it for personal security reasons because I was involved in a road rage incident back in June.

There are several HOA's in my community (Terra Ceia Bay Golf and Country Club in Palmetto, FL), and my association is the only one that will not allow security signs in the yard.


Should condo association board be responsible for grounds repairs?

I live in a Connecticut condo association. Pests are becoming a problem by digging holes around the outside of my unit close to the foundation. While previous boards have assisted owners in eliminating this problem, the current board has responded that they are not responsible to continue the practices that previous boards had implemented.

Further, there are severe drainage problems, resulting in the washing away of mulch every time it is added to the outside of the unit. I have live here 25 years and not once has fill or grass been added to the grounds. However, our documents include maintenance of the outside of units. I am also concerned that the grading in the front is so poor that it may result in a serious water problem in my basement. The Board is aware of the situation but unfortunately do not feel it is a priority.

How do I get the Board to act on these issues? Our present Board has been good about solving problems but in the past we have had bad experiences which developed into financial problems. I would appreciate any advice or assistance on this situation.

I am grateful for the COA. Please continue your great communication to us condo owners! Thank you.


Do HOA clubhouse doors need to be shut at all times?

I live in an HOA in Clermont, Florida and we have a clubhouse and a pool area, tennis area and such. The clubhouse has been up for at least four years. The local fire department recently came in and did an inspection. They now say that all doors within the clubhouse have to be shut at all times. Almost all of the doors in the clubhouse have glass windows in them. Is this correct? Do these doors within the clubhouse have to be shut at all times?


Should condo association meeting minutes be public record?

I am the president of a condo association board of directors in New York City. In the past I've been asked to supply the most recent annual meeting minutes and the most recent board of directors meeting minutes to potential buyers. That makes sense to me and I'm happy to do it.

Today a lawyer for a potential buyer has asked for all the minutes I have going back over the years. I feel the most recent minutes give the most current information and anything more could just get confusing. All of the annual minutes are available to all. However, board meeting minutes are often full of private and sensitive information about owners that the board needs to deal with discretely for all owners' protection. If owners ask to see board meeting minutes I happily hand them over, but they understand that there may be some redactions of sensitive information.

What is common practice when it comes to handing over annual and board of directors meeting minutes to potential buyers and/or their lawyers?


How can we prevent children in our HOA from playing on the streets?

Is there an HOA law or regulation to prevent unattended young children from running or riding their tricycles on the street in the development? If not, how can we prevent this in order to avoid an accident from happening?


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