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What HOA reserves are needed for FHA loans?

Our HOA is comprised of PUDs. When a unit sells we usually get a form from bank regarding the amount of past dues. Some forms require input regarding capital reserves. 
I read that in order for a unit to qualify for government backed mortgages, FHA etc..., 10% of annual dues must be deposited in a separate bank account titled capital reserves.
I have tried locating the referenced HUD form 921 and the related rules regarding these requirements and that such requirements pertain to PUD  Can I get help?  TN

Can't sell condo because of a lack of employee insurance

I would like to sell a condo that I own, but the buyers cannot get a conventional loan because the association does not have enough employee insurance.


Condo association secretary can't collect fines from violation notices

I am the secretary of our condo association, and have sent out several violation notices. The first notice is just a warning. Any violation notice after the first one, comes with a fine attached. We have owner's with violations that will not pay the fine. How do we collect these fines from them?  Tennessee

Need an HOA Loan?

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