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Running main water line through some attics

My association wants to cap the main water line due to a water leak and run water pipes through the attic of six townhomes, based on perpetual easement of our master deed.


Should VA HOA consider a loan to make repairs?

The board of my condo association is saying they don't have enough funds to make the necessary repairs across the neighborhood.

This is growing into a long list of repairs. They said they had some legal issues in the past years ,and bad debts they are dealing with.


How can a Virginia association write a rule to enforce neat decks and patios?

I'm on the board of a townhouse association in southern VA.


Confusion over rentals allowed for FHA loans in Virginia

My condo community was neglected and mis-managed for many years.


Is a condo association obligated to build ramps? Alexandria, VA

Our private condo association, built in 1985 has a homeowner that is asking to build ramps and handicapped access at the condo's expense. Is this legal?


Alexandria Virginia condo with hole in roof and blind board

I saw a hole in my roof while driving by my condo. I notified the management company in writing and they passed it on to the board of directors. Approximately, a week went by and I did not hear back and no repair was made. It rained during that time.

When I ran into a board member and asked about it, I was told one of the members looked and didn't see anything. Nothing is being done. The hole is so large I can see it from the road. Now the overhang of my condo has warped boards, cracks and mold spores directly under the area of the hole. The spires are black and fuzzy. I am afraid they will spread and the overhang will break. What can I do?


Can condo board edit and change minutes in "real-time" at meeting?

Can the condo board withhold meeting minutes and audit draft copy while they read them and correct items during open meeting?  Virginia.

HOA threatens to sell condo of delinquent owner in bankruptcy

I am going through personal bankruptcy. I am current on my mortgage, but a year behind on condo fees.  My HOA says they can put my condo on the auction block even though it's upside-down.  Can thay force the bank to take a lose so they can get paid?  I am keeping the condo.  -Virginia.

What defines "reasonable attorney fees" in Virginia Condo Act?

55-79.53 of the Viriginia Condominium Act, Virginia Code entitled, “Compliance with condominium instruments” provides in relevant part under subsection “A” that: “The declarant, every unit owner, and all those entitled to occupy a unit shall comply with all lawful provisions of this chapter and all provisions of the condominium instruments. Any lack of such compliance shall be grounds for an action or suit to recover sums due, for damages or injunctive relief, or for any other remedy available at law or in equity, maintainable by the unit owners' association, or by its executive organ or any managing agent on behalf of such association, or, in any proper case, by one or more aggrieved unit owners on their own behalf or as a class action…….the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees, costs expended in the matter, and interest on the judgment….”

Who and how are reasonable attorney fees determined?

Thanks, Martha


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