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By CondoAssociation.com • July 8, 2017

Any recommendations for LA janitorial services?

We have a 108-unit condo project in Los Angeles. Our janitorial service has become a bit too long in the tooth. The Board has advised them of an increasingly higher level of dissatisfaction with maintenance quality. Our project is 30 years old, so issues of aging infrastructure are becoming more obvious. While we don't expect the maintenance crew to work miracles, at the same time we expect a more proactive approach to cleaning by closer attention being paid to seemingly insignificant items that could easily become big problems down the road. Too often the workers seem intent on a 'quick and dirty' (pardon the pun!) routine rather than addressing our concerns as they crop up during the course of their duties. The Board may solicit bids from several competitors in order to gain a fresh outside perspective. Any maintenance companies that might be suggested would be appreciated.


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