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Any rules banning the use of fireworks within a condo complex?


This question is submitted by Jack out of NJ.

Has anyone seen any specific rules banning the use of fireworks within a condo complex, especially in areas where they are legal? 

We have a court yard recreational area and people are out there blasting the loud fireworks for hours. It happens repeatedly from Memorial Day through Labor Day (daylight and evening) and then again New Years Eve....starting as soon as it gets dark. They are set off 10 feet from people's windows. I haven't seen any that shoot in the air. I'm not concerned about sparklers and other light up displays that don't launch. Our problem is with the loud bangs and how often it goes on to the point it rattles people's nerves.

We have a general rule about no nuisances or hazards, but people need to be specifically educated on what is acceptable. There have been so many incidents with various issues all because of blatant rudeness.


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