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Association goes against bylaws to appoint extra board member


Question coming from Florida. Our By-laws state our board shall consist of a 5 member board. The President with the majority vote of the board, appointed a 6th member. The President noted this member will hold a "Director" position. Our Board makeup is now; President, Vice President, Secretary,Treasurer, & 2 Directors. In the past All positions held one vote on board matters. With the inclusion of a 6th member, does this newly appointed Director hold a vote on board issues? and would his position constitute a quorum if needed? Furthermore, our by-laws state, "The Board may from time to time elect such other "officers", and designate their powers and duties, as the Board may deem necessary properly to manage the affairs of the Association. It also states: The Board may elect as many Vice Pres. Assistant Secretaries and Assistant Treasurers as the board shall deem advisable from time to time.

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