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By CondoAssociation.com • April 1, 2019

Association making me pay for termite damage

When I bought my condo (2 story building) my realtor noticed dry wood termite droppings in one area of the kitchen during my walk through. We were informed that the building had been tented for termites and that what we were seeing was natural as it was over flow. During the 6?years every time we use the condo we find droppings in this same location. This year when we arrived at the condo there was so much droppings that they had fallen to the kitchen floor. I called a termite exterminator and they came out to spray this particular kitchen area (no where else in the condo did they notice any activity) when terminator came in he went into the attic and saw termite activity there. This was all sprayed and I paid $700.00. When I sent the association the invoice, they first informed me that it was my issue to pay. Since the termites were also sprayed and noticed in the attic area, is this considered structural damage and thus the association responsibility to pay for this invoice. I will add that no renovations have been made to the kitchen area and kitchen cupboards are the original to the building. Please help

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