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Battle of the Buildings, 2 Boards & an HOA!


This question is submitted by Stephen O. out of Middletown, NY

Our board consists of Board #1 (3 members) board #2 (3 members) & the HOA (7 members that include an at large).

Bear with me now, a member on board #2 wishes to resign for health reasons.

The by-laws state that the remaining board can appoint an individual from their condo (2) to that vacant seat. The at large member resides in that condo (2) and has agreed to fill that seat till the next election (October). A board member of condo (2) objects to this established practice, although at one time was appointed, on "moral, ethical " grounds.

This is going to evolve into a stalemate between the 2 board members. What options are available and what options does the HOA board have since this will potentially affect HOA business.


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