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Bylaw states no pets allowed on property, but nobody follows bylaw.


This question is submitted by Cody V. out of Louisville, KY

Starting this year, I took over as President of the Condominium Association where I live. We have a Bylaw stating that no animals at all are allowed on the property, however this Bylaw has never been followed with multiple cats/dogs living here over the 5 years I've been here. One of the owners sold their unit to a woman with two dogs, when I was informed of this I initially informed the seller/realtor that dogs were not allowed according to the Bylaws however I eventually relented and I gave written permission for the woman to move in with the two dogs.

This was obviously a mistake on my part due to my lack of experience/training and I am working on contacting a local attorney to see if there is anything I/the board can do. Would it be best if I remove myself from the President/Board position or is the damage already done?


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