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California law and condo ownership


How do HOA's treat owners/members interests in common area when a California condo corporation reaches it's 50th year of existence? The articles include a statement about the length of time it exists which is for 50 years and then the HOA can renew the agreement for periods of 10 or 20 years. What if the agreement isn't "renewed"? Is it possible some owners/members with units in part of the complex will be "deannexed" based on membership voting? Is there any advantage such owners would have if that occurred? I don't believe there would be but would like to know if there is an up side to this situation which I view as imminent in a complex that is now 44 years old, especially as some buildings are repeatedly receiving repairs and renovations and some are practically being deteriorated by the HOA board that simply doesn't allow any spending for those buildings other than the most minimal maintenance. As there is such a situation in California's statutes and the clause is seen in articles "exists for 50 years . . . " this must come up at older complexes but I haven't found anything written about how those continued if they did, and how owners were treated.

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