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COA is HOA? Are new fees legal?


This question is submitted by R Hardwick. out of East Brunswick, NJ

My COA calls itself a condo association even though it's clearly an HOA. The units are standalone and the property is owned by the home owners. There is association property for such things as a pool. There would be different regulations governing depending on the type of association. Is it legal to call what is clearly an HOA, a COA?

Also, this Association has put forth a regulation were new owners would need to pay a $500 fee before they closed on the house. Normally this is done in a COA. The money is put into an escrow account and then returned to the unit owner when they sell the unit. This Association would keep the money and not put into an escrow account. I'm not sure that is legal. Does any one have any experience or comments about this?


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