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Can association make me pay one year's condo fees in advance?


I own an older condo in Florida. There are 6 cluster of about 20-30 units, mainly 2 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms.  There are a few 3 bedrooms. My cluster has 2 - 3 bedrooms. I own a 3 bedroom. I lived there for 4 years and was treated very badly by the other owners. I was the youngest at 40. I have an autistic son who is 20 now. They have never liked me I keep to my own and ignore them and do not venture anywhere on property. Even though I pay very high condo fees for the age of the condos. I had to move and live with my older parents and did not have a job because of the economy. I never missed a condo mortgage payment and never a condo fee payment. I rented it out for a 1 year the were very picky of my tenant and made her uncomfortable she moved. I have an new tenant with 3 young kids a very nice young family. Very religious and quiet. They (condo) association made me pay for one year condo fees in advance before they would let them in because they had a foreclosure in the past because of the economy. Is this legal? They also thought that that they could say how many people could live there and the amount of children. This is not a 65 or 55 plus neighborhood.


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