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By CondoAssociation.com • March 7, 2019

Can association use unlicensed plumber?

The BoD has the association maintenance person inspecting units for water leaks. He is not a licensed plumber. Nor has anyone complained of water leaking into their unit.

My neighbors unit which I watch for her (as she does not live here and has rented out) has been advised by the maintenance person that they have a leak in the toilet where the plastic pipe leaves the underside of the tank. This will be taken care of but not because of the BoD.

He has also stated the there is a hot water pipe fitting coming out of the top of the tank that is rusted and that must also be replaced. It is not leaking.

He has also given them until Monday to fix it when he will return for another inspection.

I advised that the BoD needed to inform the unit owner in writing. When she receives the letter she will then call me to review it.

I understand the the BoD has the authority to have unit owners make repairs if it harming other unit owners. Do they have the right to send an unlicensed inspector to inspect units and then dictate to the repairs that he has decided need to be done even though it is not leaking as in the water heater.

The maintenance person also does work in units as side jobs approved by the board so this also seems like a way for him to make money.

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