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Can associations ban Ring doorbells?



Can HOAs legally prohibit the use of Ring doorbells or any surveillance that audio records people outside. 

I'm not going to waste my time and money consulting a lawyer. Until the current "president" is out of the picture it is pointless. We don't even have elections. Even when we did, they were fixed. Either we have to engage in an expensive lawsuit or just wait until she is gone. 

Ring doorbells record conversations. Normally, it is illegal to record others' conversations ..at least in some areas. My state is a 1 party consent state, but you must be part of the conversation. 

The way our buildings are set up, there is outdoor area in front. I like to sit outside, talk with friends, etc. But if a nearby neighbor gets a Ring bell, I will have no privacy in front of my own home. It would be bad enough being video recorded every time I come and go, but would lose the enjoyment of the outdoor area altogether. 

Some of the buildings are set up so at least 8 units would be recorded by 1 person's Ring. Neighbors across the way would always need to keep their blinds closed. 

I did notice 1 person with a Ring, but not in my area. 

Someone posted a video from their Ring on youtube. It was a single family home, but someone on the phone was on the side walk maybe 15-20 feet in front of the Ring, and the whole conversation could be heard.....

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