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By CondoAssociation.com • April 12, 2019

Can Bonita Springs condo board assess one owner for roof-deck damage?

What is correct procedure to assess an uncooperative individual unit owner for costs to repair damage to the common elements caused by  unapproved alterations without permits by that owner. It has been a long
ongoing project to find the source of water penetration into concrete roof-deck. We are on the third and hopefully final source. The owner is replacing sliding doors' with penetration leaks. The board
has not assessed the unit owner yet in order to get work done without further confrontations. We have had to notify the owner when workers are present there will be a camera present also. The Board has legal costs and extra labor expense when the owner confronted workers who  were instructed to leave if confronted by the owner. The Board just wants to stop the leaks and then total the costs and then assess the owner responsible for the damage after the unit doors are replaced. There is some concern the owner may retaliate and damage the roof-deck waterproof product. Can the Board decide to not assess the owner?  Bonita Springs, Florida

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