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By CondoAssociation.com • May 2, 2017

Can condo rules & regulations prohibit portable washer and dryer?

The complex that I live in was once a garden apartment (rentals) and since became a condo complex. The Prospectus regarding common elements are explicit in that: The water usage is paid from our monthly common charges since we don't have separate water meters and each unit owner pays for their own electric usage. We were informed by our condo board that we are not permitted to have a 'portable washer' or an electric dryer in our units. The board decided to make this ruling as part of our Rules & Regulations. If we each pay for a portion of the total water usage as well as our own electric usage individually, how can the Board dictate that we are not able to use a portable washer and an electric dryer? The Board put this into our Rules & Regs, however; our Prospectus over-rules the Board's R's & R's (from what I understand).

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