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Can security camera be installed between owner's doors?


condo-security-camera.jpgI own a condominium in Illinois. One of my neighbors had installed security surveillance cameras 5 years ago.

Recently, due to a break in, I installed 2 cameras at the outside entrance to my condo, and was immediately told that a complaint by another neighbor in the same building was filed and I had to remove them immediately.

I wrote a letter to BOD and asked the manager to ask the BOD for permission, but was immediately sent a letter by the association attorney that I had 10 days to remove the cameras.

I removed one that I had attached to an outside entrance light for my unit, but I still have one between my outside storm door and entrance door.

Is that area considered a common area? In other words, the space between the two doors that I can lock. The camera is mounted near the self closer in the upper left corner of the storm door that can see through the glass of the storm door.

The association never said anything about the other cameras, and they were never bothered. The complaining neighbor never complained about the other cameras that were also mounted on common area.

Since I protested that discrepancy, the association removed the other neighbor's cameras. I live in a 500 unit complex and there are still other cameras that are installed with nobody bothering them.

My thought is that the space between the two locking doors is mine, since I pay for them and maintain them.

Any comments or suggestions?

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