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Can the HOA charge an assessment if they never got my checks?


This question is submitted by Barbara A. out of Edina, CT

I had the opportunity to rent an extra garage stall each month for $100 since November. It was requested that I write a check each month for payment, which I have done. I recently noticed an assessment of $300 to my online HOA account. I questioned what it was for and they replied an extra garage stall!! I reviewed my bank account & indeed only 2 of the 5 checks have been cashed! There have been some major administration issues in the office and ultimately the employee either was let go or quit. They have advised that the checks I wrote were destroyed and request I pay electronically. Do I have the right to request reimbursement for stop payment fees on checks they apparently lost & supposedly destroyed? I am leary of paying an additional $300 when these checks may still be out there somewhere.


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