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Can we get help to change the Condo mailboxes?


This question is submitted by Theresa H. out of California

I live in a large condo complex, I own a small studio and I am on the HOA board. Our mailboxes have been broken into so much we have to replace them. They were old and the latch was easy for some thief to bang it hard and keep opening the door to get into all the mailboxes. It's a big complex, 160 units. We have 2 separate spots where the mailboxes are. 

The vendors are telling us we have to put them in one spot with new provisions. And we think we should be grandfathered in to just replace them. Our property management company is terrible and keeps telling us we need to do what the vendor says and move them. We can not find this information with USPS and they are impossible to get a hold of. 

The manager at the station told us to call the 800 number. You can't get anyone on the line to help. Do any of you work at the post office or know how to find the laws in place about this? It is going to cost thousands almost 30K to do this and if we have to move them even more money. Thanks!




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