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San Diego condo owners feeling vibrations


I have lived in my one bedroom condo (on the top floor-3rd) for 30 years. The building is 40 years old. I have daily vibration and have informed our new management company but they have not done anything. I am concerned that there is a serious problem, as I have never had vibration until this year. Is there anything I can do or get advice elsewhere as to what is causing this without it costing me a lot of money? I tried call the City of San Diego Building Dept. I would like to have a structural engineer come out, but doubt they will do that as I am not the Board or Mangement Co. I don't know where to turn. This is really affecting my health as I get little sleep at night from the tenant who bedroom is next o my bedroom wall. I reported that his sexual encounters are three times a night every night and he denied it to the Board, so no help there. They get little sleep and they cause vibration in my bedroom which affect my bed. In the daytime it is someone else causing the vibrations. I feel like my nerves are exploding. I am now retired and don't owe much on my condo and can't afford to sell or move. I really need some advice and help. 

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