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By CondoAssociation.com • May 18, 2015

Common area crawl space causing owner problems

I own a condo and am part of an association in Wisconsin. According to our bylaws, the basement and landscape/exterior is a part of our "common area". The crawl space directly below my unit has a moisture problem. It NEVER dries out. It is causing a mildew smell in my bedrooms. I, personally, installed a dehumidifier but it has done no good. The smell is still there. I've contacted my board numerous times over the past SIX years! Nothing has been done. They did have two guys come out last fall. They dug up the yard but I'm not sure what else they did. I asked upon their arrival and was shunned like a six-year old. I've asked since and no one will answer me. It is clearly a landscape issue. That and our "handy man" has installed sprinklers that shoot straight into both crawl space vents. I am beyond frustrated and have no idea where to turn to get help in lighting their fire to fix this ongoing issue. The latest word was they were going to hire a plumber to check for leaks. Please, someone, give me a lead as to where to go next. 

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