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Compensation for accident on stairs in very poor condition


This question is submitted by Theresa T. out of Alabama

I live upstairs in an older condo complex. I slipped and fell down a few steps and I have a really bad back injury. My quality of life went from active to completely unable to take care of my needs. There is not a handrail that you can’t wrap your hand around. The stairs are not maintained and are in very poor condition. I notified the HOS about a loose board last year and nothing was done to fix it. 

I am on disability and due to extra assessment fees, I have not been able to even get an MRI to check for fractures. I want compensation for going from very active to completely needing assistance for bathing and help with everything. I can’t even walk to get my mail or take my garbage out. I can’t even do my house cleaning. Thanks for your help.




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