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Condo association botches property management changeover


I am the secretary and treasurer of our condo board. On November 30, 2014 our old property management service decided we needed to go with someone else for our services.  On December 7th after four years with them, they sent a certified to the Board announcing changes with us.

I searched and did interviews with various management firms, and the board decided on one that we kind of felt comfortable with. We invited him to sit down with us and then signed a contract with them on December 15th.  

All the files were then picked up on Jan 15th, 2015. He said he would need a week or two to go over the files and send coupon booklets to each of the 15 condo unit owners.  Up and until Feb 7th, we heard nothing until a letter finally to the unit owners telling them all of the change over. This only came about because someone complained that their January checks were not cashed yet to the former management company. After speaking again via phone on January 27th, the new property manager assured us that the coupons would arrive in a few days and all we got was a letter.  

Now it is Feb 25th and still nothing in the mail. Our contractor for snow removal states we have no contract anymore with them, the electric bill is two months past due, and insurance on the building is also two months past due.  He does not answer any of my emails on this stuff, but calls our Association Vice President back concerning all this stuff.  I told her no more phone calls, that I want emails only from him so I have proof of what is being said.

Can anyone shed some hope or light as to how long this will take to changeover. People are asking questions I can not answer, I refer them to his email or phone number, and he is not getting back to them either. Our other management company was great but they were commercial not residential, and this is why they needed to let us go. There is no record of bank account, he is holding two months of checks from the owners, bills are not being paid, and still today no coupon booklets have arrived.

This manager has his own firm, and also has a law firm as well. So I don't feel we are being scammed, just wondering why he would withhold three months of checks and not full fill his duties. We do not want to jeopardize our relationship with them. 

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