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Condo association not keeping up with repairs


I notified my board of a hazard on my walk way to my home. The concrete has a crack that has caused several uneven areas leading to my front door. I also told them that I almost fell one day but luckily I caught myself in time. There response was "we will be checking all of the Condo Areas to see if anyone else has that settling / cracking problem " I replied stating that is not just a crack but it is Uneven in several areas. I received a response from the Treasurer " Put a flag or rug over the area and be careful" also they are dealing with several condos being sold and they need to take care of any of those problems. Again they are not sure when they will get to it.
I did send the board pictures showing the area that I was talking about. It seems that they really do not think that this is a problem. Even when I told them that someone else could possibly fall i.e. delivery person or someone visiting me.
Is there anything that I can do to get this problem solved. Also what happens if someone does fall is it a problem for me ?

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