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By CondoAssociation.com • January 20, 2018

Noise from upstairs condo is a nuisance

My upstairs neighbor it was recently discovered, did not change his floors to a hard surface but his current floors are cracking so loudly that I am constantly awaken. He refuses to do anything to correct the problem but it is certainly affecting my health (my sleep), I'm severely exhausted at times as a direct result of this problem.

Couple of questions if I may:
Is there anything that the HOA or Board can do regarding this matter?

Because of my health I am having to consider soundproofing which will require removing my ceiling and of course at a heavy expenses more than likely. Because it is the space in between our units that will need to be accessed, is the HOA obligated to pay as it will be considered common area (outside my internal wall space)?

Who would be the best professional advice to seek regarding this matter and do I have a case for an attorney regarding this matter?

It occurred to me that since he is up at 3:45am and back at 10:30pm and it is past the official "noise" hours, is that not a violation of some sort as well and perhaps to aid in this discussion?

Thank you for your possible assistance regarding this matter.

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